söndag 29 maj 2016

Upcoming exihibition at the museum!

The aim for the museum's inspirational trip to the Isle of Thanet was to follow up on new Isotope research conducted on Bronze age artefacts from south-eastern Sweden at Gothenburg University for a coming exhibition about trans-Atlantic trade and travelling during that era. We contacted the Isle of Thanet archaeological society to assist us in our research about the area and they graciously made the time to show us around Kent to view the different archaeological sites connected to maritime trading during the Bronze age.
The museum’s exhibition will disseminate the new knowledge provided by Gothenburg university together with our own experience of trip to Isle of Thanet. We met up with Peter Clark from the Canterbury archaeological trust, who provided us with valuable information about the Dover ship. This knowledge will enable us to provide a 3D-model of the ship. Together with Lund’s university and their students in digital archaeology we will produce a 3D-film of the Dovership. Telling a story of how Scandinavia was connected to a wider trading society along the Atlantic coast and where the Isle of Thanet probably operated as a transit hub.

The exhibition is experimental and dynamic. It will continue to grow and change if there is new evidence to present. The research is presented with a mix of traditional displays of artefacts and new technology will emphasis on presenting the acquired knowledge to a new target audience. The public will have the opportunity to view the bronze artefacts involved in the isotope studies conducted by Gothenburg university, together with other objects connected to the Bronze trade. The public will be able to view some of the artefacts closer on iPads as they have been turned into 3D-models which displays details difficult to see in a showcase. If the visitor wishes to learn more about the Bronze Age it could do so on a multi touchscreen, which is filled with information about different aspects of the everyday life during that time. This information is available to download to a smartphone or iPad on site. 

Jeanette Gimmerstam

Digital curator
Österlens museum

tisdag 24 maj 2016

Östra Herrestad för ca 100 år sedan

Österlens Museum förfogar över Föreningen för Fornminnes- och hembygdsvård i Sydöstra Skånes stora bildarkiv om ca 100.000 foton (ingen vet riktigt hur stor den är, men inventeringsarbetet går framåt). Många bilder är okända för oss och vi skulle behöva hjälp från allmänheten med information om bilderna. Är det någon av läsarna som vet vilka som är med på denna bilden?
Fotot tror jag är taget i Östra Herrestad ca 1920 en försommardag. Har ni någon information att ge, hör gärna av er till museet ulf.danell@simrishamn.se

/Ulf Danell
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Österlens Museum